The future of Somers-Paper Nautilus Take Our Survey


The future of Somers-Paper Nautilus: Take Our Survey

Somers-Paper Nautilus has been reporting on life in Somers for over 15 years. But since early 2020, we’ve been in hibernation. Now, we need you to make a decision on the future of the paper. And we’d really value your opinion. So we’re asking you to tell us what you think.

Do you think Somers needs a community paper and, if so, what would you like to hear about, and how often?

Take this quick survey and help decide! Please complete by Friday 29 October. Thank you.

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Anne Bartholemew
Sue Egan
Bronwen Gibbs
Sally Holdsworth
Bruce McCallum
Julie McInnes
Rod Nuske
Karina Smith
Marg Tilleard


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