…inclusiveness and openness, catering for a diversity of views without rancour

Somers is a seaside village community located south of Melbourne on Westernport Bay in the Mornington Peninsula Shire. With a mix of sandy beaches, rockpools and tidal flats, Somers is popular for sailing, skiffle boarding and beachcombing. The cliffs of Somers have spectacular views to Phillip Island and the Nobbies.

The Somers community news ‘Nautilus‘ connects the various groups and individuals in our township, providing an avenue of expression. Such groups as the Somers Residents Association, the Somers Yacht Club, Probus groups, Somers Foreshore Committee, Folklaw, Geologists, Environment and Wildlife specialists and others participate with the newspaper to inform the Somers residents.

The Nautilus name is derived from a local surface-dwelling relative of the octopus called the Paper Nautilus. The female creates a delicately beautiful papery shell to surround her whilst she broods her eggs. Discarded shells of this amazing animal frequently wash up on the Somers beach after storms.