Somers – why we came here Kevin Close

Williams Point

We came; we saw; we were conquered!

We loved the dolphins playing with a dog the day we saw this house. We holidayed at Shoreham for years until the winters without power became bleak and we moved to Flinders. On retirement our permanent option was our dream home at Mt Martha but rising costs killed that. An inspection at Somers, a walk on the beach and we were hooked.

We love the intense quietness with interruptions of birdsong. Compared to Fitzroy North we had double the house and 10 times the land. It was a mini farm reminiscent of my growing up. My workshop gets scant attention as the garden is more fun.

The beaches are magic, always changing, always alluring with possible sighting of friendly dolphins.

Stunning sunset

Walking is easy on firm sand and at low tide you have acres to explore. The beach area has shrunk in recent years to uncover rocks washed long ago. This cycle of sand movement raises my curiosity. The people are a delightful mixture, split broadly into ‘holidaying’ and permanents including a large swag of retirees. Getting to know these folk takes time with best opportunities at the PO/Store or in functions such as the Arts Fair. Walking helps but Somers is about 3km long.

Seagulls takeoff

One concern among the Somers retirees is how long can we stay living here? Until health issues or age make it too difficult perhaps! A recent residents’ gathering to discuss the Tasman Mews proposed development was most interesting. I was impressed with the planning for group facilities surrounding quality houses of moderate size in a community setting with more open space than usual. It would be ideal for older folk who wanted to stay here without the large gardens to maintain. Discussion illustrated some divisive issues in our community. Some were concerned about changing the Somers model of housing. Did they realise that it has changed, hardly any fibro shacks remain, often replaced with larger more prominent ‘McMansions’ as others called them? Tasman Mews plans struck me as a better fit into the Somers we love with buildings not dominating, preservation of the vegetation and with more open space. We need to look after our elderly residents and make it good for them to continue living here. They add dimensions to our community and who knows, in 10 years I might be one of them, perhaps you also!

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